Healthy Traditions Press Release

Healthy Traditions’ new Traditionally Produced Rolled Oats are grown on a small family farm in Wisconsin using sustainable methods without any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. As an added assurance they are also tested for the presence of glyphosate and no trace was found.

We have tested many batches of oats nationwide, including those certified organic, and it has been extremely difficult to find sources with no trace of the herbicide glyphosate present.

These oats are processed by a small family-run mill, also in Wisconsin, and are never subjected to any heat processing and are truly raw. This mill is dedicated to milling only grains grown on nearby farms that are free from pesticides and herbicides.

The oats are processed in small batches in order to keep them raw and as fresh as possible, making them an artisan, handcrafted product.

Truly raw rolled oats

  • Grown sustainably on a small farm
  • Glyphosate-tested and no trace found
  • Processed in a family mill in small batches

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